MIG Welding Overview – What To Know

A complete run down of MIG Welding.

Stick Welding Overview – What is it?

An overview of the Stick welding process.

Welding Positions – The Basic Run Down

An overview of all welding positions.

Welding Undercut – What Is It? And How to Avoid It!

What is undercut? Let’s avoid it!

Welding Resume – Types Of Jobs and Skills

What do employers look for in a welder?

Arc Flash- Use The Right Lens And Stay Safe

Avoid arc flash at all costs!

Welding Machine Guide – Best Entry Level Machines

Compare welding machines in this comprehensive guide!

Welding Apprenticeship – Should You Apply?

Interested in a welding apprenticeship? What does it take to get into the industry?

Welding Beads – Types Of Beads

Learn the multiple types of welding beads in this overview.

Welding Symbols – The Breakdown

A complete guide of welding symbols!

Types Of Welding Jobs – Finding The Right Gig

An overview of the most popular welding jobs today.

Welding Inspector – Job Overview

Curious about what a welding inspector does on a daily basis? How did they earn their qualifications? This guide has all the info!

Welding Salary – What To Expect

This guide will inform you of the different welding salary ranges; and how they relate to each job title and experience level.

Mill Scale – Should Welders Remove It?

Will your welds burn right through it, or should you put that grinder to use?

How To Bid A Welding Job – Advice From A Welder

Real life examples of mobile welding jobs and how they were bid.

Is Welding Dangerous? – Simple Answers

All welding hazards are avoidable!

Is Welding Hard? – The Learning Curve

The 3 main processes broken down by difficulty.

Welding Trailer Vs Truck – Which Is Best?

Which welding outfit will fit your needs best?

Welding Training Info – How To Learn The Trade

What is the best way to learn welding? There are many routes to take.

Why Do Welders Starch Their Clothes?

Whatsup with all of this starch?

Why Do Welders Wear Caps? – Simple Answers

An essential piece of equipment.

How Do Welders Charge? – Rates And Info

What kind of money are we talking?

Types Of Welding Hazards To Be Aware Of

Although there are some serious hazards, they are avoidable.

How Does Welding Affect Your Eyes?

Use that PPE all day long.

What Is Mobile Welding? – Job Description

What does this career entail?

How To Deal With Welding Customers

Are you a people person?

Is Welding A Good Career Choice?

Is it the route for you?

Is It Safe To Weld In The Rain?

It is advisable to avoid welding in the rain, but that with proper precautions and safety measures, it is possible to safely weld in wet conditions. Check this article!