Welders Manual
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This site is dedicated to giving welders and interested welding newcomers answers to their questions. We frequently publish articles on many different topics in the welding world.

I am a full time welder/fabricator and I have worked in the mobile welding industry as well. These articles are based on our teams experience and the industries leading standards, techniques and technology.

Whether you’re an old timer or a teenager looking at welding schools, we are confident our site will have an article for you. We cover the latest welding equipment and accessories, how-to guides, safety info, overviews of welding processes, types of welding jobs and salaries – you name it!

Our tabs above have links to our welding archive base where you can find answers and advice for your project and equipment questions. We add a new article to this site weekly so feel free to check back or suggest an article for us.

We are a small team of welders based in the mountains of Colorado, and we love educating people about our practices in any way we can.