Welding Gear Guides

Best Affordable Welding Helmets – Top Picks

Our top picks for welding hoods.

Best MIG Welding Gloves – Welders Guide

Check out the top MIG welding gloves for 2020!

Best Stick Welding Gloves – Welders Guide

Our top picks that have been tested extensively in our shop.

Tools For Welding – Essential Guide

Our top tool selections that all beginner welders should consider having.

Hobart Champion 145 Review – From An Owner

Our long term review of the Champion 145.

Best Clamps For Welding – Top Affordable Picks

Our top welding clamps that we recommend for daily use!

Best Stick Welding Rods – Top Electrode Picks

The best stick welding rods. Let’s burn!

Best High End Welding Helmets – Top Quality Picks

The best high end welding helmets for the dedicated welder.

Best Safety Glasses For Welding – Most Protective Picks

The top rated safety glasses for keeping your eyes 100% protected.

Best Welding Jackets – Safest Options

Quality welding jackets that are safe, stylish and affordable.

Best Welding Caps – Safest Head Protection

The safest welding caps that are reasonably priced.

Best Welding Pliers – Top 7 MIG Welpers

The top rated MIG welpers for the dedicated fabricator.

Best Welding Sleeves – Breathable Arm Protection

The top rated welding sleeves on the market.

Best Welding Stingers – Types Of Electrode Holders

High quality stingers that will last a long time. A stick welders best friend.

TIG Finger Review – Is It Worth Using?

One of the hottest products on the welding market.

Best Affordable MIG Welders

Our top MIG machine picks for the new welders out there.

What Pants Do Welders Wear? – Recommendations

The pants we recommend for the beginner welder.

Best Overalls For Welding – Bib Picks

Bibs might be worth a try.

Best Welding Lead Sets (Stick Welding)

Our favorite lead sets to pair with a stick welder.

Best Ground Clamps For Welding

A good ground helps to make a good weld.

Best Welding Quick Connects (For Leads)

This accessory allows for easy removal and attachment of welding leads.

Best FR Welding Pants – Flame Resistant Picks

Our favorite flame resistant pants.

Best Welding Tool Bags – Top Quality Bags

Our favorite tool bags for welding on the job site.

Best MIG Welding Wire – High Quality Spools

Multiple wire options for different MIG projects.

Best Welding Jackets For Cold Weather

Top rated FR jackets with cold weather capabilities.

Hel-Hook Review – Welding Accessory Hanger

A cool product that any welder can benefit from.