Best Welding Caps – Safest Head Protection

Welding caps are essential for protecting your head from sparks, slag and spatter. If you put on your welding hood with no head protection, sparks will find their way in and possibly leave burns on your scalp.

This is especially important for welders who are bald or have short hair. Also, even if you have longer hair, you’ll want to protect it from getting singed during the welding process. Some welders get away with wearing a backwards baseball cap or a beanie, but it is always best to use a quality welding cap that is meant for providing ultimate protection.

This article will over our favorite welding caps – the top rated options that are also affordable. These caps can last for years, and you really only need to pick out one for your welding endeavors.

Black Stallion Large Welding Cap – Beige/Grey

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This is by far our favorite welding cap that has come on the market in recent years. It has a very deep crown, which means it will fit down to your eyebrows. This extra forehead protection really comes in handy on the job and leaves you feeling safer than wearing a traditional cap.

It has a very large bill which can be extended down the neck. This “draping” fit will protect the entirety of your neck, which other welding caps are not capable of.

All of the stitching is performed with flame resistant thread – this is a very durable material that won’t fray when exposed to high heat. It costs more for manufacturers to use this thread, but we always appreciate the difference when it comes to long lasting durability.

The material is 7 oz. and 6 oz. cotton which is the perfect weight for a welding cap. It is relatively lightweight, but won’t easily wear down from sparks and spatter.

This cap is definitely made for larger heads. If you’ve been having trouble finding a well fitting cap, this is a great option.

Lincoln Electric Welding Cap – Stars/Stripes

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This cap is constructed of a high thread count cotton – and is one of the most comfortable fits we have tried. The cotton is more breathable than other competing caps, which makes it a better choice for hotter days/humid climates.

The cap features a sweat absorbant liner which is a soft athletic mesh on the interior. This prevents hair pulling as well – and generally feels better to wear on longer days.

The thread seams are flatter than other caps, which means the thread won’t irritate your skin. This flat thread stitching tends to fray a lot less than traditional stitching.

This model from Lincoln also has an elastic fit headband. This allows the cap to form to many head shapes and sizes. It isn’t quite as large as the Black Stallion model listed above, but can still accommodate larger and wider heads.

Comeaux Welding Cap – Camouflage

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This is a nice lightweight cap that is great for use in warmer climates. The brim is extremely soft and has the perfect length for protecting the back of your neck or your ears.

The size of this cap is 7 5/8″, making it a good pick for medium to larger sized heads. It does stretch a bit, but not as much as the Lincoln model with the elastic band.

Comeaux is a long time trusted brand that makes quality welding equipment. They tend to be more affordable than competing brands, which appeals to the budget conscious welder who needs to find good deals on their gear.

Miller Arc Armor Welding Cap – Skull Print

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This is a very high quality cap from Miller Electric. It is on the pricier side, but tends to last longer than most other popular welding caps.

It is made from a soft 100% cotton material, and is extremely breathable for those hotter days on the job. The cap has a low 6.5″ crown with a soft styled bill – this offers maximum protection as it sits lower on your head.

The cap is reversible which offers additional options for the users wearability. The size on this cap is 7 1/4″ which makes it a better choice for smaller sized heads. Although this cap tends to be pricier, we have seen it last for ages with no need for replacements.

Lincoln Electric Welding Beanie – Black

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This is a great versatile option from Lincoln. It fits head sizes from 7″ to 7 3/8″, which makes it more adaptable than other models.

This has a more relaxed fit and cushions your head better than a traditional cap does. It is made of durable 9 oz. flame resistant cotton which tends to offer better protection than 6 oz./7 oz. cotton blends.

This cap is priced very competitively compared to other offerings, and is our pick for the best value out of the popular caps available. You can get about 3 of these for the price of another regular model; something to consider when thinking about price points.

Lincoln Electric Doo Rag – Black/Red

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This is the best option for a truly adjustable fit. The tie closure on this doo rag can fit about any sized head. This is perfect for welders who have had trouble finding any cap that works for them.

This model features 9 oz. flame retardant fabric which will protect you during any welding scenario. It also features a sweat absorbant liner – very similar to the athletic mesh insert on the standard Lincoln welding cap.

Although the flame retardant material on this cap is heavy duty, it still allows for lots of breathability for those hotter days.

If the standard style caps aren’t your thing, this is a great option to consider (especially because of its adjustability).

Revco Armor Cotton Welding Cap – Black

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This is an ideal option if you are looking for a hybrid style cap. It is a mix of a beanie and a welding cap and it has a nice, relaxed fit. This model accommodates many head shapes and is marketed as “one size fits all”.

We really enjoy the low profile of this model, and find that it is one of the most comfortable options available. A lot of times, we forget it’s actually on our head.

Revco/Black Stallion makes some of the best welding clothing on the market, and this cap is no exception. This model can fit large heads down to smaller sized heads, and the welders we know have always found this to be a comfortable option.

Its bill doesn’t go quite as far down the neck as other caps, but it’s still relatively protective from sparks and spatter.

It also has double layer cotton for maximum protection and longevity.

Trendy Apparel 6 Panel Welding Cap

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This model from Trendy Apparel/Lapco has 16 different prints to choose from – it definitely wins for the most stylish option.

It has a 100% lightweight cotton construction with a 6 panel design. It is a low profile model with extremely breathable cotton throughout. The elastic band can accommodate heads of many sizes while remaining a snug fit.

It is marketed as a “one size fits most” model and it comes pre-shrunk. You can run it through the washer/dryer and it will fit the same as the day you got it.

If you’re looking for a comfortable option that will turn heads with its creative patterns, this is a great pick.

Wrap Up

Most of the welding caps nowadays are very high quality. Especially with the well respected brands, it is hard to find a bad cap anymore. Selecting a welding cap largely comes down to personal preference and head size.

I have a really big head and found that only a few brands made caps large enough to accommodate big head sizes. It is important that the cap fits nice and snug, but not too tight.

Another thing to note is that the bill of your cap can offer great ear protection. Many professional welders will place the bill over their ear closest to their welding arc; this provides essential protection. If you’ve ever had a piece of slag fly into your ear, you know how scary it can be. Many serious ear drum injuries have happened during the welding process.

With that being said, always make sure to wear ear plugs whenever you are welding or grinding!

Some people just don’t prefer welding caps, and opt to wear a beanie or a baseball cap instead. While these aren’t terrible options, we’d always recommend that your headwear is flame resistant to a certain degree. If you’re always welding with high amperages and high voltages, then a welding cap really is the safest option.




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