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Best MIG Welding Gloves Of 2020

Here are our top MIG welding glove selections for this year. MIG gloves fall right in between a heavy Stick welding glove and a lightweight TIG glove.

Miller Arc Armor Lined MIG Welding Glove

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These are some of the most reliable MIG welding gloves we have used at Welders Manual. I feel very protected when I am wearing these during MIG welding applications. They are nice and snug, but the finger dexterity always feels on point. The extra long cuff travels well above my welding jackets cuff, so I never worry about any sparks or slag coming in.

It takes us quite a while to wear through these – back in my welding school days, I could get a full semesters worth out of these with long 8 hour days. Being an unusual white construction, they tend to get dirtier faster than other gloves. However, a quick cold wash cycle and an air dry will keep them looking fresh.

They feature a double padded palm for extreme durability and comfort. The palm also features a cotton fleece lining – This doesn’t overheat your hands, but actually offers great heat protection from heavy sparks and flames; even when the gloves start to wear out.

This glove features 3 different leather types, which helps a lot with its longevity. These are goat grain fingers, a pig split backing, and a cow grain palm. These leathers are all durable, yet supple enough for maximum hand movement on the job.

These Millers also have heat resistant kevlar thread seams on the entirety of the glove. These fray much less often than traditional thread seams found on lower end gloves.

Lincoln DynaMIG Gloves


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Can’t forget the Lincolns. These are a top pick of full time shop fabricators, and independent shop welders who are constantly MIG welding. With MIG, you need a glove that can resist sparks and extreme arc heat for months on end.

Dexterity is important, but we also don’t want to buy new gloves on a regular basis. We need a thick glove that can take abuse without losing its shape, and these fit the bill.

Similar to the Miller’s, a single pair of these will hold up for long periods, even with a full time welding schedule. The entire construction of the soft grain palm is similar to a supple TIG glove, but the split hide back portion will deflect sparks and high heat situations.

These gloves feature a cotton twill lined cuff, which absorbs sweat and moisture, especially on hotter days. The exterior of the cuff is split leather; known for its ability to reflect high temperatures.

The DynaMIGs also have a seamless index finger. This provides finger dexterity not seen with some other competing gloves. The seamless index finger feature has grown more popular in recent years.

These also have a well built elastic wristband to help with spark protection.

The top portion of the glove has a 3 layer ‘Flamesoft’ liner which deters high heat situations. And, the lower part of the glove has a 2 layer cotton liner which helps with dexterity as well as comfort.

These Lincolns also have heavily reinforced kevlar seams, as seen with other high end competing gloves.

Black Stallion/Revco Cowhide MIG Gloves


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These gloves are on the heavy duty end of the MIG spectrum. We recommend these for high voltage MIG welding, and flux cored processes. As you bump up in MIG voltage and step into the flux cored world – the sparks get more intense, and the chance of you wrecking a new set of gloves becomes higher.

The addition of strategically placed patches have proven these gloves to withstand the test of time. While we do enjoy the softness of the grained leather palm, we love that the durable split cowhide dominates this gloves construction.

The interior of these Revcos have a soft cotton lining for full comfort. Similar to the Lincolns, they have a seamless index finger. This adds dexterity when you’re pulling the trigger of a MIG gun.

They also feature a durable wristband for spark protection and a snug fit.

They have many more reinforcement patches than competing gloves (Index finger, thumb, palm areas).

One unique feature of these gloves is the cowhide construction. The grain cowhide is smooth and supple, while the split cowhide back offers heat protection and reflection.

We trust these gloves, especially when we’re working on heavy steel projects where maximum hand protection is needed. They last a very long time – even with heavy usage.

Tillman Grain Leather MIG Gloves

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Tillmans are trusted and are a very old school brand. My welding shop exclusively provides Tillmans to their employees due to their unmatched durability – the bomb proof stitching has yet to fail us during our MIG welding endeavors.

These do have a similar construction to the Revcos listed above, but we consistently find these to hold up even longer than Black Stallion brands.

One benefit of Tillman gloves is that welders rarely see a defect in their construction. I have never seen or heard of a pair being sent back, or tossed before its time. We recommend these for MIG welders that are burning wire everyday for a living, and can’t afford to be ordering gloves every month because their old ones didn’t hold up.

These MIG gloves are constructed with top of the line leather. The palms are cowhide grain leather, with split leather patches throughout. They also have a heavy duty wide cuff with a strong elastic band (to keep the sparks out).

These are fleece lined, which is a great feature for colder days and maximum arc protection. The fleece is also light enough so that it won’t be a hindrance on warmer days.

The Tillmans have a very soft seamless index finger for dexterity and feel. We always have a pair of these in our tool bag!

RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

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These gloves are a top seller from a newer brand, and for good reason. The interior of the glove features a soft, sweat absorbing cotton. This is great for hotter days and higher welding temperatures.

These gloves are extra long with a heavy cuff for better wrist and lower arm protection. This is essential for MIG welding due to all the sparks and spatter flying around.

They feature a wing thumb which is reinforced with kevlar. The split natural cowhide found on this gloves provides extreme resistance to heat, oil, punctures and fire. They are also very cut resistant due to their heavy duty construction.

We recommend these for welders on a budget who want their gloves to last for many months.

Lincoln Traditional MIG Gloves

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The leather exterior of these gloves is extremely high grade. They feature full kevlar thread seams, reinforced leather stress points, and a fully lined interior.

These features make this glove a top pick for high heat applications. If you do a lot of flux core MIG, these gloves are worth considering. The cotton lining is found on the entirety of the glove – this provides maximum comfort and sweat absorbance.

If you tend to run higher MIG voltages on a consistent basis, you’re going to want a glove that can withstand the heat. These haven’t let us down yet, and some of us only use these for all of our MIG welding.

Revco Extreme Pig Skin MIG Gloves

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These are a well made heavy duty glove from Black Stallion. They are perfect for heavy MIG when the main priority is protecting your hands.

They are made of a soft grain pig skin and feature a lining throughout the glove. The back of the glove has a cowhide exterior for heat resistance, and they feature a padded palm for maximum comfort.

Kevlar is the only stitching found on this glove, which as you now know provides the best heat deflection out of all industrial threads used in welding gloves.

These Revcos have multiple patches which adds comfort and durability for longer hours on the job. They are available in single pairs or larger packs of 12 pairs.

Wrap Up

Since MIG gloves fall in between the supple nature of a TIG glove and a heavy duty leather stick glove, it is good to pick a MIG glove with some dexterity. However, these gloves must also be somewhat heavy duty to repel the sparks and spatter of a MIG arc. We have tried all of these gloves, and found that they have a nice mix of feel/dexterity paired with reliable leather construction that will last a while.

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