Hel-Hook Review – Welding Accessory Hanger


If you’ve ever worked in a welding shop, you know that things can get cluttered pretty fast. Tools get lost, and scrap metal piles up on a daily basis. The Hel-Hook has come to the rescue.

As welders, we like to keep things relatively organized. This is why shop welders often have toolboxes to keep their tools separate and safe. They can lock them up when their shift is over and they know where each tool is.

For day to day welding, it is nice to keep your most commonly used items within arms reach. The Hel-Hook allows you to hang tools and welding hoods from your gas cylinder.

MIG Welding
MIG : Pxfuel

Welders are always looking for ways to make their work day more productive. Simple products like the Hel-Hook can help welders work more efficiently. When you spend less time looking for your tools, you’ll have more time to fabricate.

Since all MIG and TIG machines require an external shielding gas, all shops will have multiple gas cylinders. These cylinders are usually placed on carts so they can be wheeled around easily.

With 4 separate hooks, the Hel-Hook is a laser cut set that can be assembled and welded together within minutes. It fits on most cylinders, and can be interchanged easily when it’s time to change cylinders (refills, etc.)

Remaining very lightweight, it is still extremely sturdy once you weld it out. The laser cuts are perfect and the hooks slide right into the collar.

This product has gained quite a bit of traction. Shop welders started to notice the benefits of this simple product, and once assembled it will last for many years.


It is also useful for welders that do projects in their garage. The Hel-Hook will fit on smaller gas cylinders, which makes it helpful for hobbyists and home owners who have smaller setups.

Although the Hel-Hook will work without welding it together, it is strongly recommended that you at least “tack” the hooks in place with small welds.

The laser cut design allows the hooks to stay in place, but welding it out will make it much more rigid.

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You can paint the Hel-Hook to your liking. Feel free to stick weld it, TIG weld it, or MIG weld it together.

Since the Hel-Hook is a small investment, it is an easy addition to any welding shop or garage. If you have multiple gas cylinders, you can always add hooks if you are pleased with the product.

If you’re looking for a nifty product to add to your current setup, the Hel-Hook is worth checking out. My coworkers were really satisfied with the product, and we ended up adding a few extras around the shop.

It will protect your welding hood from unfortunate drops, which will keep it safe and sound throughout the course of a project.

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