Best FR Welding Pants – Flame Resistant Picks

Flame Resistant pants are highly regarded by many welders as the nicest pants on the market. They tend to last a lot longer than normal jeans, and they offer more protection from sparks and spatter.

Due to their construction and special FR coating, these garments allow welders to worry less about getting their legs burned while welding. For structural welders using heavy duty processes, these pants are often a go-to when selecting their welding garments.

Keep in mind that FR pants are generally more expensive than a regular pair of jeans. They are more expensive to produce, so they usually cost more than your normal jeans.

Although some welders still prefer a regular pair of Wranglers or Levi’s, FR pants are gaining traction as they build in popularity. For welders that want the most skin protection while out on the job, FR garments are worth checking out.

This article will cover our favorite FR pants that are on the market today. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran welder, we think that FR pants always offer great benefits.

Carhartt Flame Resistant Canvas Pant

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This is a nice midweight FR pant from Carhartt. It is more classically styled, and most folks would have no idea that it is actually an FR pant. It is made of 88% cotton and 12% nylon. This allows for a bit of stretchiness and makes tears less likely.

Since welders tend to get into awkward positions, it is good to have garments that won’t easily rip.

The 5 pocket styling is pretty standard, and the deeper pockets allow for more storage. This model is easily machine washable. However, keep in mind that each wash diminishes the FR properties (little by little). This is why we recommend hand washing if you want maximum longevity from your FR pants.

Once the FR properties wear off, it is more likely that a spark or piece of slag could burn through your pants.

The 8.5 oz canvas is a nice middle-of-the-road weight. It will work well in colder weather, but it won’t feel too hot during the warmer months of the year.

If you’re looking for a classic style pant that offers a high level of protection, these Carhartts are worth a look. They come in several colors that will match most preferences.

Carhartt Flame Resistant Cargo Pant

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For welders that prefer the space capacity of a cargo pant, this model from Carhartt offers good benefits.

Cargo pants tend to be a great choice for welders. The side pockets can hold a variety of tools and even tape measures. Since welders need a lot of hand tools by their side, the cargo pockets really come in handy.

The FR construction is similar to the canvas pants listed above. The 88% cotton/12% nylon mix still offers the stretch of other models with a blended construction.

This pant has a nice relaxed fit and sits slightly below the waist. It is offered in a few plain colors which tend to go well with any wardrobe.

The arc resistant button closure will keep the sparks out where it matters most.

Coming in a wide range of sizes, these cargo pants from Carhartt are stylish and functional for the everyday welder.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear FR Carpenter Jean

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Although Carhartt tends to be a leader in the FR garment department, there are other companies that make FR pants that will last a long time.

These Wranglers are usually more of a bargain than the Carhartt models, and they offer amazing flame resistant properties. The Riggs Workwear line allows workers to get a name brand garment for a more mid-range price.

These are 100% cotton, so they don’t allow for quite as much movement as the Carhartts with nylon. They will shrink a bit more in the wash, so be sure to find the proper size and air dry if possible.

Although these pants don’t have nylon, their gusseted crotch section allows for movement while in awkward positions on the job site.

The Arc Thermal Protective Value is very high on these pants. In other words, this means that these pants have one of the highest degrees of protection in the FR garment market. Disguised as blue jeans, you’d never know they had such a rigorous rating.

They feature triple stitched seams with Nomex thread. This is an FR thread that is often found in high end welding gloves.

Lapco Flame Resistant Cargo Pant

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If you’re looking for a cargo pant for welding, this is a good option with a more budget minded price point than other models.

The 9 oz cotton construction features moisture management for those hot days on the job site. This will wick away sweat better than other models, and will leave you more comfortable and dry.

The cargo pockets feature snap closures for more secure storage. Keeping your tools in these pockets offers more peace of mind with the full snap closure construction. Your tools are less likely to fall out, and you’ll have them ready to go when you need them.

The back pockets also feature snap closures, which makes them great for a wallet.

This relaxed fit pant comes in a huge range of sizes. From the skinny welder to the big boy on the job site, there is a size option for most people.

the classic navy color goes well with most outfits, and shows dirt and debris less than a lighter pant would.

If you’re looking to get into the FR world of garments but you want to stay on a budget, these Lapcos are worth a look.

Ariat Flame Resistant Low Rise Jean

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Although Ariat is known for their high end boots, their line of pants have some really high quality picks that have been gaining traction.

These flame resistant jeans feature a low-rise bootcut fit. This is perfect for fitting over that pair of trusty work boots.

The contrast stitching makes this pant stand out from the rest, and offers a more styled look. These are perfect for wearing after work or at the bar, since they offer a more street styled, youthful approach to an FR pant.

These Ariats are fully flame resistant certified, and are offered in a wide variety of colors for any persons preference.

This model also has one of the more impressive size options of any pant we’ve seen. There really is a fit for just about any body style.

If you’re looking for an FR pant but you want to remain stylish when the work day is over, the Ariat Low Rise is worth a look.

Caterpillar Flame Resistant Cargo Pant

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A true name brand item. CAT decided to jump into the FR garment production, and these pants have become a favorite of many welders – both shop and field.

Similar to the Carhartt construction, they feature an 88% cotton/12% nylon blend. These pants have multiple FR certifications – while remaining stretchable and super tough.

The zipper features an anti static closure, which comes in really handy in dryer climates. Here in Colorado, static in the winter can really become annoying. Any clothing item that can prevent static is a huge plus for us.

These pants feature a range of pockets that can hold tools, wallets, phones ,etc.

Being able to store multiple items gives these pants an advantage over regular jeans.

The 20 inch leg opening can fit over just about any pair of boots, so you can rest assured that no debris will be coming into your foot wear.

If high quality and name branding is important to you, these Caterpillars are worth checking out.

Magid SparkGuard FR Pants

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If you’re looking for a super heavy duty FR pant, these are a worthy contender.

Their flame resistant properties are good for up to 50 washings. This makes them much more washable than other FR pant models. This will allow more protection over a longer period of time.

The fabric features anti static, anti rot, and anti molding components. This allows this pant to hold up in a variety of climates and situations across the world.

Although the 12 oz cotton is heavier than other models, they still feel pretty lightweight to wear. They are nice and baggy and are really enjoyable in the warmer months of the year.

For the highest voltage and the heaviest amperage applications, the SparkGuards are worth checking out. For welders in large industrial settings, these pants can be very beneficial.


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